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12 March 2011

New Look for The Pin-up Files

As a 10th birthday present we've built a new template for The Pin-up Files main site. We thought this would be even better than lingerie.

It's been launched today but only applied to a few areas and galleries so far. This was done because we are incredibly impatient.

It's going to take a few months of very hard work for the changeover to be completed before the eyes of a watching world and for a while it's going to be a mixture of old, new and a modicum of chaos .. but we love that. Stockings will get laddered along the way but we'll be firing our bullet bras and our aim is true!

Peter Driben pin-up Girl
Copyright © the Peter Driben estate

This pin-up fell out of the screen and onto the ice rink we keep in the coding vaults so it's not straight forward by any means. Luckily we had warned her in advance that this might happen so she was wearing her skates.

Strange things may happen, but the website LOVES it and has gone very coy!!

The work goes on...


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