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29 June 2011

Nathalie Rattner pin-up artist

On 22.11.2010 we launched Nathallie Rattner's 1st gallery at The Pin-up Files. If you have not yet seen her work it is not to be missed!!

Nathalie maintains her reputation for being a prolific artist and continues her pin-up work into 2011. We hope to be able to continue to showcase selections of her new work on site soon after publication.

Our latest Nathalie Rattner fix has just been uploaded to the main site! I first saw it a couple of days ago and was quite astonished - see what you think. A very weird and wonderful work of work of powerful beauty!!

Nathalie Rattner pin-up girl
ARTIST :: Nathalie Rattner
TITLE: Vintage Vandalizm
MODEL: Vintage Vandalizm (a.k.a Jasmin Rodriguez)

Copyright  © Nathalie Rattner 2011
This beautiful pin-up, was done on wood board with pastel, watercolor, charcoal and ink. The Pin-up Files is once again amazed at the brilliance of this artist and is one of the latest additions to gallery 2!

Flashback } 22.11.2010
"We are delighted to announce that the Nathalie Rattner gallery at the The Pin-up Files has just gone live! She is a prolific, and technically brilliant young artist and we are launching her gallery with her series of pin-ups begun in 2010.

"Her work is stunning and her sense of composition and instinctive grasp of "pin-up realism" are masterful.

"With her unique method of combining shaved charcoal, graphite and dry pastel with ink and airbrushing techniques, she is able to breathe distinctive life and energy into these classic pieces of art".
Flashback } 20.11.2010
"We are about to start work on a new gallery at The Pin-up Files for Canadian artist Nathalie Rattner. Her work is absolutely beautiful and we are delighted she made contact with us.

"Nathalie's series of pin-up artworks takes her audience on a journey through the glamour and beauty of the 1930s, '40s and '50s, all the way up to the best modern day examples of the art-form.

"We hope to go live with Nathalie's gallery of pin up girl painting's at some point next week. Watch out for our announcement".

14 June 2011

"WINGS OF ANGELS" pin-up contest!

This is part of  WWII Pinup book project, "Wings of Angels", being shot at Yanks Air Museum in Chino, CA.

The contest is open to anyone throughout the world.

Starting in August of this year. Bettie Page Clothing has agreed to donate 1940's period clothing for each of the models, and Secrets in Lace has just agreed to supply ALL lingerie. WWII Vintage style pinups with the models posed in and around WWII aircraft, wearing SIL lingerie. The models will also be wearing WWII bomber jackets and props from WWII.