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31 January 2013

February pinup girl by artist Al Moore

This February pinup girl was painted by Al Moore for the 1950 Esquire calendar.

Al Moore's breakthrough assignment was being chosen by Esquire to replace Alberto Vargas, the most popular pin-up artist of the day. Among his triumphs at the magazine were his creation of the Esquire Girl (his answer to the Varga Girl), the 1948 Esquire calendar (with Ben-Hur Baz and others), front covers in 1948 and 1949, and the rare honor of painting the entire 1949 and 1950 calendars himself. By 1950, his two-page gatefolds in Esquire were collected by millions of Americans.

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Al Moore pin-up calendar girl
ARTIST :: Al Moore
DATE :: 1950
Image subject to copyright

25 January 2013

Mosh - pin-up model

Says Russian born Mosh: "I started modeling in 2006 and am now a full time freelance model and occasional performer. I love modeling fetish, alternative, glamour, lingerie and almost everything in between."

Sean Cummings at Alt Magazine says she is perhaps today’s hottest alternative/fetish model in the industry. What separates Mosh from her peers is her ability to contort her body “beyond belief while commanding the camera’s attention better than any other Alternative model.” Mosh was a gymnast for 10 years.

Mosh has worked with our featured photographers Viva Van Story, Robert Alvarado, Shannon Brooke and Nikita Gushue.

Mosh pinup model
MODEL :: Mosh
PHOTOGRAPHER ::  Viva Van Story
Copyright © Viva Van Story

24 January 2013

Doris Mayday - pin-up model

Doris Mayday is every curvaceous inch the archetypal "blonde bombshell". She is the perfect pin-up girl who might easily have just emerged from a 1950s Hollywood studio set.

She actually took on the stage name of "Doris Mayday" when she was on a roller derby team.

Says Doris: "I was born and raised in Las Vegas with my folks coming from West Virginia. I’m a huge vintage nerd, and never planned on modeling. My original dream was to either own my own theme park or to be a sex therapist! I even went to college at 16 to get a head start. Modeling has fallen into my lap and I couldn’t be happier!"

Lingerie in this shot is from Secrets in Lace.

Doris Mayday - pin-up model - photo by Holly West
MODEL :: Doris Mayday
Copyright © Holly West Photography

1 January 2013

January pinup girl by artist George Petty

This January pinup girl dates from 1952 and was painted by George Petty.

From 1933 to 1956, the "Petty Girl" was seen on tens of millions of calendars, magazine centrefolds, advertisements, posters, and billboards as well as on all sorts of specialty products. In 1950, "The Petty Girl" even became a major motion picture.

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George Petty pin-up calendar girl
ARTIST :: George Petty
DATE :: 1952
Image subject to copyright