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28 November 2010

Andrea Young - contemporary pinup artist

Want to know more? See the Andrea Young gallery at The Pinup Files.

Andrea Young - pin-up girl
ARTIST :: Andrea Young
DATE :: 2007
Copyright © Andrea Young

20 November 2010

Nathalie Rattner pinup artist

We are about to start work on a new gallery at The Pin-up Files for Canadian artist Nathalie Rattner. Her work is absolutely beautiful and we are delighted she made contact with us.
"Nathalie's series of pin-up artworks takes her audience on a journey through the glamour and beauty of the 1930s, '40s and '50s, all the way up to the best modern day examples of the art-form."
Nathalie Rattner - pin-up girl
ARTIST :: Nathalie Rattner
Copyright © Nathalie Rattner
We hope to go live with Nathalie's gallery at some point next week. Watch out for our announcement...

See also Nathalie Rattner :: pin-up artist (gallery goes live)

15 November 2010

Who painted this pin-up?

Can anyone help with this email and photo sent to The Pin-up Files by "Ron" (who also goes by the name of "Professor Marvel")?
"I have had this original guache and pencil pin up since the sixties. I acquired it in Detroit and believe it was part of a pin up calendar done for Kelsey-Hayes Corp in the fifties. It is approximately ten by fourteen inches and done on artist illustration board. It is not signed. Any ideas who may have painted this pin up?"
Who painted this pin-up girl?
Artist unknown
Subject to copyright
We love this picture and we'd love to identify the artist of this pin up girl painting - both Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas have been suggested but both seem spurious.

We'll be happy to pass on your suggestions to the good professor...

14 November 2010

Vintage lingerie

Our collection of vintage Sears catalogues provide a fascinating glimpse into everyday Americana of the 1950s. This scan from the 1950 spring edition shows two beautiful girdle designs from the lingerie pages.

The design on the left:
"Jr. Girdles, 3 lengths" - Lustrous rayon and cotton satin . . . front panel is attractively stitched. Cotton elastic sides. Three light bones at front for tummy control...

The design on the right:
"Waist Whittler" - Get set for the spring fashions. French styling by Charmode to "nip-in" your waist the fashionable way; makes your clothes fit better, look smarter...

vintage girdles
Two different girdle designs from 1950 - and look at the prices!
Copyright © Sears

9 November 2010

Stockings :: fashion heels

Our collection of vintage Sears catalogues provide a fascinating glimpse into everyday Americana of the 1950s. This scan from the 1955 midwinter edition shows everyday nylons for sale at everyday prices. The sheer variety in vision heel design is a little surprising and very seriously glamorous from today's perspective!

fully-fashioned stockings
Three different types of "Fashion Heels" from 1955 - and look at the prices!
Copyright © Sears

5 November 2010

French Nylons - Envoile :: stockings

This is a real find for lovers of stockings and we recommend you take a look at French Nylons - Envoile. Founded in 2002, they sell authentic, fully-fashioned stockings made from 100% Nylon. The English language version of the site has recently had a makeover.
"Our mission is to share our passion for real nylon stockings - we want to convince everyone that yes, YOU CAN WEAR REAL NYLON STOCKINGS in complete comfort ...and to convince those who have never tried of course..."
Stockings for pin-up girls
Stockings for pin-up girls from French Nylons - Envoile

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We are also pleased to recommend the following books from amazon.com ::

See also Brown & Bigelow Licensing for copyright and licensing details on Rolf Armstrong, Al Buell, Freeman Elliot, Gil Elvgren, Earl Moran and Zoe Mozert.

3 November 2010

George Petty :: pin-up advertising

We spotted this George Petty lingerie commercial for Bestform recently in Greenwich Market, London. It was just a page torn from a magazine but we couldn't resist. Petty produced a whole series of commercial work for Bestform - we believe this one dates from 1944.

"no finer fit at any price"

ARTIST:: George Petty
DATE:: c.1944
See the George Petty galleries at the The Pin-up Files.

1 November 2010

Brown & Bigelow Licensing

"The Brown & Bigelow licensing archive collection is over 5,000 images strong, dating from 1896, and is rich with pin up girl paintings."

Gil Elvgren - pin-up girl
ARTIST:: Gil Elvgren
TITLE:: Sheer Comfort
DATE:: 1959

The copyright to hundreds of vintage pin-up works is is held by Brown & Bigelow.  Go to  Brown & Bigelow Licensing for their current catalogue and terms. Pin-up artists included are Rolf Armstrong, Al Buell, Freeman Elliot, Gil Elvgren (see illustration below), Earl Moran and Zoe Mozert.  

About Brown & Bigelow

Brown & Bigelow is a publishing company based in Saint Paul, Minnesota that produces advertising specialties, or promotional products, such as clocks, pens, cocktail spoons with corkscrew and cap-lifter, and advertising calendars. The company was founded in 1896 by Herbert Huse Bigelow and Hirm Brown.

In 1925, Brown & Bigelow began a tradition by publishing calendars for the Boy Scouts of America, many of which were illustrated by Norman Rockwell. In 1969, as a tribute to Rockwell's 75th year birthday that year, officials of Brown & Bigelow and the Boy Scouts of America asked Rockwell to pose in a calendar illustration.

In 1936, then president Charlie Ward paid the large amount of $10,000 to Maxfield Parrish for exclusive rights to his work "Peaceful Valley." Brown and Bigelow also published art, including works by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, Rolf Armstrong, Gil Elvgren, Earl Moran, Vaughn Alden Bass, Mabel Rollins Harris, and Norman Rockwell. In the late 1940s, it was one of the biggest calendar printers in the world. employing some of the United States' best pin-up artists and putting calendars into an estimated 50 million homes.

The Brown & Bigelow Conference Room lined with Earl Moran Paintings
The Brown & Bigelow conference room, lined with Earl Moran paintings
Ward served time in prison for tax evasion where he became close friends with Morris Rudensky, infamous safe-cracker.

The company was also notable for the fact that it hired hundreds of ex-convicts.

The Brown & Bigelow Archive is a major collection of artwork subjects and photos accumulated as a byproduct of their calendar business spanning over 100 years. This archive was created by over 86 different artists who produced multiple subjects annually over a number of years.

See also Copyright :: general guidlines.