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28 November 2010

Andrea Young - contemporary pinup artist

Want to know more? See the Andrea Young gallery at The Pinup Files.

Andrea Young - pin-up girl
ARTIST :: Andrea Young
DATE :: 2007
Copyright © Andrea Young


  1. If you want a logo for your website or retro event, look no further!

  2. Cool drawing. But I kanda do not like digital pin-ups. I am myself an artist and I prefer more classical drawing methods. Please, check out one of my pin-ups on my blog at http://igor-lukyanov.blogspot.com/2010/11/custom-pin-up-for-susie.html

    1. The fact that you have the nerve to cone on somebody else's blog and put down there work shows the kins of artist you aee. By the way, your art sucks!

  3. Thank you for everyone who enjoys my "digital" artwork and came to take a look! All my illustrations start out "classical" I don't have a magic computer that creates my illustrations. I always have a collection of original artwork I do as well. I love what I do and create in many mediums I don't let others dictate how I create my work. I do what is right for me as everyone can do.
    I'm sure if you would like a profile to display your artwork on pinup files you could apply instead of insulting other artists and shamelessly self promoting yourself afterward.
    xo Andrea Young

  4. well said Andrea...I have loved your art work since ....OMG its been like 10 years and I will continue to!! Love you!!

  5. Wow igor, got a lot of nerve to not only dis a fellow artist but then spam your own art in the same breath. I thought artists better than anyone knew the importance of not only supporting eachother but keeping an objective eye and negative comments to themselves? Shame on you. Even if your artwork was shit straight from the bowels of the heavens, your lack of respect for a fellow artist makes it complete garbage.

  6. Igor- there isn't a good enough GIF to show my disapproval of your statement. Normally I would give typ out a whole book ment to both humble and bring you back to reality. but as an artist myself, I would never go and try to insult anyones artwork.

    Shame on you.

    also really self-promoting while flaming on someone else? kinda really fucking lame dude.

  7. Elizabeth Van Houten5 September 2012 at 01:52

    Andrea is one of the most creative people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. As far as Igor - you're opinion is invalid. Who cares what you like? Did you think Andrea was going to run home and cry and change everything she does because of you? The masterpieces that Andrea could create with a ballpoint pen and a cocktail napkin would shock you! Andrea - You are extraordinary. Ignore self-righteous drivel. Your friends and fans know how wonderful you are. I have seen (and own) digital, traditional, painted, drawn pieces of your artwork and never cease to get compliments about how beautiful it all is. Keep doing what your doing. Ignore the rest. <3