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29 December 2012

Sean Earley - contemporary pinup artist

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Sean Earley pinup artist
ARTIST ::Sean Earley
DATE :: 2011
Copyright © Sean Earley

24 December 2012

Christmas pinups

Gil Elvgren was probably the most important pin-up artist of the twentieth century and his ability to capture the playful spirit and sensuality of feminine beauty was unsurpassed.  All too often his pin-up girls were involved in unfortunate accidents which resulted in the loss of clothing and red faces. Enormously popular, most of his work was for was Brown & Bigelow.

When asked about his techniques, he explained the distinctive "touches" he added to every painting how he built up the bust, lengthened the legs, pinched in the waist, gave the body warmer and more attractive curves, worked over the facial features and expression, added just a little more of a tip and tilt to the nose, made the mouth fuller and more sensuous and the eyes a bit larger. He ended by saying that he liked to create the feeling that, underneath all the surface charms, there was a delicious warmth of mischief behind the model's eyes.

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Gil Elvgren vintage pin-up artist
ARTIST :: Gil Elvgren
TITLE :: A Christmas Eve (Waiting for Santa)
DATE :: 1954
Copyright © Brown & Bigelow

15 December 2012

Christmas pinups

Nathalie Rattner's series of pin-up artworks takes her audience on a journey through the glamour and beauty of the 1930s, '40s and '50s, all the way up to the best contemporary day examples of the art-form.

With her unique method of combining shaved charcoal, graphite and dry pastel with ink and airbrushing techniques, she is able to breathe distinctive life and energy into these classic pieces of art.

"A great pin-up should be of a girl portrayed in a way that both men and women can enjoy. It isn’t as simple as just drawing a woman, as there are many elements that need to be considered, such as the flirtatiousness, sensuality, joy and personality of the girl".

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Nathalie Rattner contemporary pin-up artist
ARTIST :: Nathalie Rattner
TITLE :: Meet Me Under The Mistletoe
DATE :: 2012
MODEL :: Gia Genevieve
Copyright © Nathalie Rattner

8 December 2012

Christmas pinups

Californian photographer Marilee Caruso’s instinctive feel for contemporary pin-up and composition makes her work rich, enticing and evocative.

"I shoot both seasoned models and everyday girls - each shoot is a collaboration. I try to find a balance between my ideas and theirs, and make them feel as comfortable as possible."

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Marilee Caruso contemporary pin-up photographer
PHOTOGRAPHER :: Marilee Caruso
MODEL :: Pinup Mia Von G
Copyright © Marilee Caruso

2 December 2012

Secrets In Lace - lingerie for pin-up girls

We love these  fully fashioned Cuban Heel stockings from Secrets In Lace. They are made from 15 denier nylon, with sewn backseam, keyhole at the top of the stocking welt, exclusive signature welt imprint and a fully knit heel and toe reinforcement. A must for your pin-up wardrobe.

View and buy these stockings from Secrets In Lace.

Secrets in lace cuban heel stockings
Image © Secrets In Lace