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28 October 2012

Halloween pin-ups

Gil Elvgren was probably the most important pin-up artist of the twentieth century and his ability to capture the playful spirit and sensuality of feminine beauty was unsurpassed.  All too often his pin-up girls were involved in unfortunate accidents which resulted in the loss of clothing and red faces. Enormously popular, most of his work was for was Brown & Bigelow.

When asked about his techniques, he explained the distinctive "touches" he added to every painting how he built up the bust, lengthened the legs, pinched in the waist, gave the body warmer and more attractive curves, worked over the facial features and expression, added just a little more of a tip and tilt to the nose, made the mouth fuller and more sensuous and the eyes a bit larger. He ended by saying that he liked to create the feeling that, underneath all the surface charms, there was a delicious warmth of mischief behind the model's eyes.

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Gil Elvgren Halloween pin-up
ARTIST :: Gil Elvgren
TITLE :: Riding High
DATE :: 1958
Copyright © Brown & Bigelow

24 October 2012

Halloween pinups

When the A. Fox calendar company needed an artist to complete the last two years of the Art Frahm "panties-falling-down" series, they turned to Jay Scott Pike.

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Jay Scott Pike Halloween pin-up
ARTIST :: Jay Scott Pike
TITLE :: Be Witching
Copyright © Jay Scott Pike and MOP Pin-up

20 October 2012

Halloween pinups

British artist Matt Dixon's women have a wonderful tendency to be either seductively gruesome, deadly dangerous or seriously strange.

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Matt Dixon Halloween pin-up
ARTIST :: Matt Dixon
TITLE :: Caught Changing
DATE :: 2011
Copyright © Matt Dixon

1 October 2012

October pinup girl by artist George Petty

This October pinup girl dates from 1953 and was painted by George Petty.

From 1933 to 1956, the "Petty Girl" was seen on tens of millions of calendars, magazine centrefolds, advertisements, posters, and billboards as well as on all sorts of specialty products. In 1950, "The Petty Girl" even became a major motion picture.

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George Petty pin-up calendar girl
ARTIST :: George Petty
DATE :: 1953
Image subject to copyright