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22 January 2011

Vintage lingerie

This vintage lingerie scan from an early 1950s Sears catalogue was sent to The Pinup Files some ago. It has to be one of our favourite examples of vintage catalogue art and we thought we'd share it with you.

Note the science fiction influences (which was big box office and an obsession throughout the 50s) in the title of the New "Heavenly Bodies" ensemble. Girdles and bras for the atomic age and what every fashionable inter-galactic femme fatale would be wearing under her space suit.

girdlele catalogue scans
Copyright © Sears

15 January 2011

Robert Alvarado :: pin-up photographer

We recently approached Robert Alvarado and were delighted when he enthusiastically agreed to a gallery being set up at The Pin-up Files. His photography is startling, powerful, and very sensuously retro. His models frequently astonish! Your really have to see this.

We are delighted to announce that the Robert Alvarado gallery at the The Pin-up Files has just gone live!

Absolutely not to be missed!

Robert Alvarado - pin-up photographer
Copyright © Robert Alvarado
MODEL ::  Michelle Gateaux
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