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28 July 2012

Michael Calandra - contemporary pinup artist

Want to know more? See the Michael Calandra gallery at The Pinup Files.

Michael Calandra contemporary pin-up artist
TITLE :: Dany Targaryen - Enter the Dragon
DATE :: 2012
Copyright © Michael Calandra

8 July 2012

Kelly X pin-up artist

Pin-up artist Kelly X has recently created this beautiful painting of model Claire Sinclair (Playboy Playmate of the year 2011). It is inspired by photographer Michael Malak and is for his upcoming book Wings of Angels.

"I am very excited to be on this project!" said Kelly. A generous amount of book proceeds will go to WWII Veterans. The Pin-up Files is delighted to be one of the sponsors of the "Wings of Angels" project. Lingerie supplied (and shown in this painting) by co-sponsor Secrets in Lace.

See the video of Claire Sinclair at the photo shoot which provided the inspiration for the painting.

Kelly X pin-up painting of model Claire Sinclair - Playboy Playmate of the year 2011
ARTIST :: Kelly X
TITLE :: Claire Sinclair, Up, Up and Away...
MODEL :: Claire Sinclair
Copyright © Kelly X