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15 November 2010

Who painted this pin-up?

Can anyone help with this email and photo sent to The Pin-up Files by "Ron" (who also goes by the name of "Professor Marvel")?
"I have had this original guache and pencil pin up since the sixties. I acquired it in Detroit and believe it was part of a pin up calendar done for Kelsey-Hayes Corp in the fifties. It is approximately ten by fourteen inches and done on artist illustration board. It is not signed. Any ideas who may have painted this pin up?"
Who painted this pin-up girl?
Artist unknown
Subject to copyright
We love this picture and we'd love to identify the artist of this pin up girl painting - both Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas have been suggested but both seem spurious.

We'll be happy to pass on your suggestions to the good professor...


  1. It looks like Fritz Willis, don't you think so?

    Cheers, Anthony

  2. I can see what you mean but I feel Willis tends to paint in a style with quite a strong hint of impressionism as opposed to this work which is more "photo-realistic" in its technique. After trawling through the web and various books I haven't seen any Willis pictures that really look like this one.