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24 January 2013

Doris Mayday - pin-up model

Doris Mayday is every curvaceous inch the archetypal "blonde bombshell". She is the perfect pin-up girl who might easily have just emerged from a 1950s Hollywood studio set.

She actually took on the stage name of "Doris Mayday" when she was on a roller derby team.

Says Doris: "I was born and raised in Las Vegas with my folks coming from West Virginia. I’m a huge vintage nerd, and never planned on modeling. My original dream was to either own my own theme park or to be a sex therapist! I even went to college at 16 to get a head start. Modeling has fallen into my lap and I couldn’t be happier!"

Lingerie in this shot is from Secrets in Lace.

Doris Mayday - pin-up model - photo by Holly West
MODEL :: Doris Mayday
Copyright © Holly West Photography


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