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17 March 2011

Michael Landefeld - pin-up artist

The Michael Landefeld gallery at the The Pin-up Files has just gone live!

Michael Landefeld is best known for his beautiful pin-up girls, whose fusion of retro charm and modern spice make them instantly recognizable and known throughout the art world.

Michael's pin-up girls can be seen on everything from tee shirts to stickers to rolling papers. His girls have even shown up as tattoos and boat art. Most recently, members of the Armed Forces have used Michael's military inspired pin-ups as Unit Combat Patches and even decals on Black Hawk Helicopters.

Michael Landefeld - pin-up artist
Copyright © Michael Landefeld
Michael Landefeld's clients include Hard Rock Cafe and Hooters Restaurants and can be contacted at: michael@mlteedesigns.com for information on commission art.


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