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5 September 2011

Alberto Vargas - vintage pinup artist

Want to know more? See the Alberto Vargas galleries at The Pinup Files.

Alberto Vargas vintage pin-up artist
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  1. hi..where are the original watercolor paintings Vargus did for "Thunder Before Lightning " published in 1961. contact sbeecher@digitalpath.net

    1. Hi I have his 1940 Vargus Calender if interested please contact me @ anitawomanl@yahoo.com
      Great condition all months in taced Jan thur Dec. missing front cover only pages again are in great condition.
      thank you

  2. We are still working on the Vargas galleries and any help would be much appreciated!

  3. I'm looking for images and information on 2 mated, framed and signed Vargas pieces.
    Thank you for your time.
    S. Smith

  4. Vargas was one of the most brilient artists of the pin up world ever.

  5. A Vargas original was 'lifted' from a Sarasota bar that he frequented. If you know of this painting and want to see it contact jim@silverlinepictures.ca.

  6. Vargas was truly one of the greats when it came to drawing women and capturing their femininity. On a sidenote, did you guys know that Bob Guccione of Penthouse fame was a big fan and collector of art, counting Vargas as one of his inspirations? He was even something of an artist with oils and sketches himself. I saw a bunch of his stuff at the GuccioneCollection.com.

    It's interesting to see who Vargas inspired!

  7. Vargas was such an inspiration to me, I wish I could have met him and hang around with him.

  8. I recently purchased a vintage copy of the drawing shown in the background of your picture of Vargas. Thank you so much for displaying so many of his ladies and giving us all a chance to enjoy them. He really did create magic and there have been too few like him since he died!